The New Windows 8 Operating System for computers

The technology growth of Microsoft Operating Systems proves to be sequential and a quick migration from the Microsoft Windows 7 to Windows 8.

The Microsoft windows 8 has been transformed massively and redesigned from the old traditional Windows. The traditional Windows (XP, Vista, 7) come with desktop (with icons), start menu, notification area, task bar and others.

However, the new Windows 8 from Microsoft Corporation is interfaced to look like the windows smart phone 7 completely. The icons are now tiles that are touch-friendly but the advantage is that this Operating System is designed for all categories of Personal Computers such as desktops, laptops and tablets.

When an icon is tapped with the fingers, it takes over the whole screen now without the normal scroll bars, Windows menus and system tray. When the programme is opened, swiping from right will make menu items appear for that programme whereas swiping from the left side will cause a switch between already open programmes.

According to Microsoft, the tile-based interface replaces the old traditional start menu. There is no fear for users and developers because Windows 8 will be compatible with all Windows 7 peripherals and applications. Applications made for Windows 8 will make use of html 5, Javascript and web technology and probably tie in some traditional app-development tools.

Gradually, the Windows 8 Operating System seeks to merge Computers (desktops, laptops) and tablets.  It’s going to put pressure on all software developers to make touch screen oriented applications to meet the market demand.

By  Joshua Anquandah

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