KEEA CPP Constituency, Polling Station executives resign en-block

The constituency and polling station executives of the Conventions Peoples’ Party (CPP) at Komenda- Edina- Eguafo- Abrem (KEEA) have resigned en-block in support of Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, who resigned from the party.

A statement issued by the executives said: “We bemoan the mean and disgusting treatment suffered by Dr Nduom the pillar of the party and a noble man, at the hands of some selfish elements within the party.”

It accused the National Executives of the party for showing gross disrespect to Dr Nduom.

The statement was signed by all the 13 members and issued to the Ghana News Agency in Cape Coast on Thursday.

It said by dint of hard work, Dr Nduom managed to project the CPP’s image to an unprecedented height in the history of the party since, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s era and therefore deserved to be encouraged and respected and not to be chastised.

It enumerated some of the activities carried out single handedly by Dr Nduom to include the “tremendous provision of logistics” such as party vehicles, offices, computers, paraphernalia as well as financial support.

The other reason assigned to the resignation of the executives was that Ms Samia Nkrumah, National Chairman of the CPP had failed to take firm charge and control of the party to implement decisions such as the unification of the Nkrumaist front and to promote the image of the party to propel it to victory in 2012.

“We therefore want to chart a new, different, dynamic, vibrant and progressive path in service of our beloved country,” the statement it added.

Source: GNA

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