Big Brother Africa season 7 starts in May

Wendall and Karen were co-winners of Big Brother Africa Season 6

The season seven of Big Brother Africa, one of Africa’s biggest TV shows, will start in May 2012, officials at M-Net have said January 4, 2012.

The early announcement of the new season, according to M-Net, is to enable people who are interested in participating to “start thinking about whether they want to take this incredible journey.”

“So says M-Net who kicked off 2012 with the news that the seventh season of the continent’s attention-grabbing Big Brother Africa series will be hitting DStv screens in May!,” said M-Net on its website without giving the exact date for the start of the show.

Details of the new season are to be revealed shortly but M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi says there is one secret M-Net is opening up about already.

“At the end of 91 days, while many housemates will walk away with fame and the experience of a lifetime, there will be only ONE winner. So this season, the winner takes all,” says Alabi.

“…while the basics are the same, every season is different from the last. Re-invention is crucial so I am very pleased to confirm that this year we’re doing something that has never been done before in the history of Big Brother Africa!” Alabi added.

The last edition of the show, co-won by Nigeria’s Karen Igho and Wendall Robert Parson of Zimbabwe, saw for the first time two Ghanaians – Confidence Haugen and Alex Biney in the Big Brother House.

Big Brother Africa is produced for M-Net by Endemol South Africa and is seen, live 24/7, in 47 African countries only on DStv.

By Ekow Quandzie

  1. .ojay says

    wont these guyz also think of adding anoda country…lets say like cameroon for example

  2. Anonymous says

    Big brother starting on 7th may

  3. Dano says

    Wow!!! Smethng to look 4wrd 2.cannot wait.

  4. Bukkloo tronpose says

    Pls i lik to partake on this program

  5. ojima baba says

    hope 2 b a hauzmate

  6. kedrice masawi says

    am dieing to participate so dieing to b a housemate please….

  7. please how do i join?

  8. Enter your name... says

    How can I take part or be one of the participat

  9. Comfort Doerr ... says

    I wana be part of big brother hausmates.

  10. Enter your name...mike says

    Just a friendly reminder to abiola and her crew that no more bigbrother here in mzanzi unless if you wanna see what south africans are made of,,,,,,,warning!!!

  11. Enter your name...Miss Peo says

    i wanna b da nxt housemate of bba dis yr,so hw du i enter?

  12. MaAud says

    Naija owned show waiting to enrich another Nigerian. Really discouraging

  13. jacobus weber neizer says

    cant wait to be a part of this wonderful programme

  14. Enter your name...zoe mary says

    Please I will love it if I can be your house mate BB

  15. sylvia says

    cant wait to see bb house mate

  16. alex rex says

    may is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long

  17. Edwin.K.Johnson says

    Hello…,I am from Rwanda and i would be happy to see Rwanda joining bba or being among the countries joining bba, if it’s possible. Thank you.

  18. Emzzy says

    Wow a new season is coming again can’t wait to see the house mate

  19. Anonymous says

    Oh gosh iv bin w8tn 4 dis anoucmnt 4 so lng,i realy wsh 2 partyk as a houz myt nd serv my country.BB plz inform me

  20. Enter your name...kizzy says

    Hw do i get 2 enlist… Plz m dyin 2 knw

  21. prettybabe says

    I really must be in the house this season come on biggie update about the auditions venues plz

  22. KEMIST says

    i can be the most happy person, if i can see big brother house made from the kingdom in the sky Lwsotho

  23. braimah odion says

    I really must be in the house this season come on biggie update about the auditions venues plz……… Can wait to be a housemate.

  24. Hi biggy,plzwen is the audition… in nigeria,I can’t wait to be one of the housemate this season…because nigeria will do it again

  25. omoyeni josephine says

    The only live prog on DSTV..I can wait oooooooooh

  26. Jennifer says

    Mehn am kindaof interested o

  27. Enter your name... says

    How wil i participate

  28. jones says

    Guys, I am a Zimbo, and believe me, it will be a Zim or Naija to win again. It’s pretty much come down to these two countries….

  29. Bruno tlhob says

    Biggy please why dont you just extend the realiy show with a month on top of the other 3

  30. Tiger says

    May is too FAR AWAY guys i cannnnt wait as well,hope we have fabulous housemates!!!

  31. victor bison says

    Hi bba i would like to participate in this coming season pliz ,how do i do that

  32. Precious Masimula says

    hi baba africa i would realy love to be part of this craze show… groe all the infor on my email ill show up…/

  33. luranda says

    i want 2 take part

  34. Onyeabor gab says

    Please add new things, we demand for shawa this season,

  35. Enter your name... says

    No South Africans should waste their precious time with this called bba

  36. lilian telma says

    want to be a fan

  37. chinwendu says

    Wass up bb hope u are bringing intelligent poepel

  38. jostine says

    I hope thy r not gona host tht naigernz show in our country again nd no south africans this tym.wish all south african must not watch tht stupid. Shw#pissd#

  39. iya says

    plzzz Cameroon should be part of dis show

  40. may is 2 long.ooooooo

  41. Macaulay Richie says

    God help me, wanna be there

  42. Anonymous says

    Oooh may is jst around da corner,dstv*check* tv *check* couch*check* food *check*…lights camera Letz roll biggy!

  43. tt in d b says

    y may? and we all no dat biggy wil gt nigeria t win again cheating your way through again huh! biggy……… 😛

  44. akona says

    Can’t wait OMG… Do me proud s.a

  45. Ifeanyi Daniel says

    I love BB Africa i like to be one of audienence BBA gives me joy i love Africa……..

  46. Anonymous says

    biggie am countn on u n lookn furth 2 seeing a more revolutionized big broda africa.

  47. verona safo says

    i must confess i love bigbrother

  48. MOWIE* says

    Gosh iv been waiting for so lng glad bba is bck SA make us proud toe

  49. Phindile says

    Please i wud like to participate in any nominations of the housemates,and i wud also like my sms to appear on tv please.

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