Government will not merge two Kassena district assemblies – Abuga Pele

Mr Abuga Pele, National Coordinator of National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), has refuted allegations that government is planning to collapse Kassena Nankana West District Assembly and merge it with Kassena Nankana East District.

He said it is rather the intention of the government to explore every means possible to carve more districts to enhance the country’s development.

“It is unthinkable and unreasonable for someone to think or suggest that government would collapse a district for the development of another,” he said at Paga on Tuesday at the inaugural ceremony of Paga Youth Movement (PAYOM).

PAYOM aims at planning and initiating the development of the Paga Traditional Area.

Incensed by rumours of the merging the two assemblies some irate youth from the area locked up the District Assembly office at Paga.

Mr Pele said the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) would not be the first in the history of the country to incur the displeasure of the people by collapsing a district with the aim of creating another one.

“This is a fabricated story to discredit the NDC to score cheap political game,” he observed.

He said Chaana/Paga is the stronghold of the NDC and that government would not do anything negative to lose the confidence the people had reposed in the party.

Mr Pele assured the people of government’s determination to execute the “Better Ghana Agenda” to the benefit of the citizenry.

The Paramount Chief of Paga, Pe Charles Awiah Awampaga advised the youth to plan effectively for the development of the area.

He said: “It has become a norm for communities… to depend solely on government and politicians to plan their development agenda, which should not be so.”

Pe Awampaga said the situation had paved the way for politicians to use the people as stooges to score cheap political points.

He noted that community development requires the full participation of all by way of communal labour and contribution before government could intervene with the needed resources and technical expertise to ensure that misplaced priorities are not offered to the people.

The paramount chief said some politicians who could help in the development of their areas have rather become instrumental in the creation of divisions among the people.

Pe Awampaga admonished the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians for their destructive agenda.

“Some politicians behave like children. When they realize that you are not championing their cause they tag you as an enemy and their sympathisers emulate them hence division during political campaigns”, he explained.

He advised PAYOM to embark on membership drive and avoid introducing politics into their activities.

Source: GNA

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