Ghanaians urged to play positive role in development of nation

The Rev Fr Jude Eduafo Ampah, the parish priest of St Joseph Catholic Church at Apam, has said it was the responsibility of every citizen to work towards the development of the country.

He appealed to people who sat on the fence and criticize destructively criticism without putting their shoulders to the wheel of development to take a second look at their actions.

The Rev Fr Ampah said in a sermon to usher in the New Year that “do what you can to develop the nation” and added “one must not always expect the nation to improve his or her standard of living without he or she making any effort to improve conditions in the nation. The President and his Ministers alone cannot do everything for us, we must complement their efforts.”

He expressed concern about indiscipline being encouraged by some politicians and said he did not believe insults which some of them had made their campaign message could win elections.

He appealed to politicians to set good examples for the youth to copy, adding that moral training must not be seen as a responsibility of the Churches and schools alone and cautioned politicians against making their lifestyles and utterances to discourage others and lead some people astray.

Source: GNA

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