President Mills assures Ghanaians of physical development

President Atta Mills

President John Evans Atta Mills, in a New Year message for 2012, has reiterated Government’s determination and confidence to ensure accelerated infrastructure development, following the approval of the three billion dollar Chinese loan.

“There would be physical development for all to see,” President Mills said, as he addressed the nation live through national radio and television early Sunday morning.

He said it is the responsibility of Government to ensure that the facility is used “judiciously, wisely and responsibly”,  and promised that Government would be accountable to Ghanaians on how Government would use the money.

President Mills expressed his personal gratefulness and that of the nation to Almighty God for guiding the nation through the year 2011 as He poured out His protection, provision and abundant blessings on the nation.

Additionally, President Mills was thankful to Ghanaians for bearing with his Administration in times of difficulties.

“I am also particularly grateful to Ghanaians from all walks of life for their support and understanding. Admittedly, it was not all smooth sailing in the year 2011. We had challenges, difficulties, there were conflicts, there were disagreements, some of them even violent; and yet we were able to overcome them because of hard work and God’s blessings.”

These challenges, notwithstanding, President Mills noted that in 2011 Ghana recorded the highest economic growth in its history during the past year.

President Mills reassured Ghanaians of a level playing field for the 2012 elections.

“I will like to assure all Ghanaians of the commitment and determination of my government to ensure that we have a level-playing field, and that the election would be free, fair and transparent, and so doing we will be granting Ghanaians their major wish – to have peace before and after the election.”

The President Mills asked Ghanaians to have hope and confidence for 2012, as he wished each and every Ghanaian a happy and prosperous and productive new year.

Source: GNA

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