New transport fares out after price hikes on petroleum products

The Road Transport Operators on Thursday announced increases in transport fares with immediate effect following the upward adjustment  in prices of petroleum products by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

A statement issued in Accra requested all transport unions to comply with the new fares and post the fare list at their loading terminals in order to avoid any confrontation with the travelling public.

“All road transport operators, commuters and the general public are kindly entreated to co-operate for the success of these changes,” it added.

The statement said tro-tro vehicles charging between 10 pesewas and 65 pesewas should increase by five pesewas, those above 70 pesewas should increase by 10 pesewas, while those above one cedi increases by 15 pesewas.

With regard to taxi fares, the statement said a distance up to 2.5 kilometres should be increased by five pesewas, 5.5 kilometres by 10 pesewas up to 9.5 kilometres while above 11.5 kilometres by 15 pesewas.

With inter-city (Long Distance), the increase is between 15 pesewas to 25 pesewas, therefore a fare of GH¢2.30 has been increased to GH¢2.55.

Current fares of GH¢9.00 increased to GH¢9.90, GH¢10.00 to GH¢11.00, GH¢11.00 to GH¢12.10, GH¢15.00 to GH¢16.50, GH¢17.00 to GH¢18.70.

Source: GNA

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