Africa’s political leaders lack loyalty, commitment to national development – Rev. Agbozo

Rev. Immanuel Enoch Agbozo

Political leaders in Africa lack loyalty and commitment to national development, Rev. Immanuel Enoch  Agbozo, Leader of the Ghana Evangelical Society (GES), on Wednesday said.

“What they care about is power and their selfish gains to amass wealth for themselves and their families,” he said.

Rev. Agbozo said this at the opening of a three-day national redemption crusade dubbed: “Celebration of Divine Redemption” on the theme “Redeem Israel, O God out of all their Troubles (Ps 25: 22)” in Accra.

He also said the frequent changes in government was the cause of underdevelopment of African countries, since all political parties want glory for themselves, they turned not to continue developments of their predecessors.

Rev. Agbozo said the African continent had enjoyed some level of progress even at its troubles, but needed to improve since there were abundant resources to harness.

He said in Africa the desire to expand and progress were lacking, but rather the demand for higher pay was on the increase, accounting for low-productivity in the various sectors.

On bribery and corruption, Rev. Agbozo noted that all those who involved themselves in these practices or acts were enemies of the state since they hindered the growth and development of the nation.

He also noted that the Church had failed in its duty as instrument of change, given that it was required to play significant priestly and prophetic role in the State.

Source: GNA

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