Supreme Court agrees Goodluck Jonathan is legitimate President of Nigeria

The seven-man panel of Nigeria’s Supreme Court has December 28, 2011 unanimously agreed that President Goodluck Jonathan won the country’s April 2011 elections.

According to the Vanguard News, the country’s apex court said the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) who challenged the victory of President Jonathan in court, failed to prove that the election was marred with irregularities.

Justice Olufunlola Oyelola Adekeye read the lead judgment which brings to an end, eight months of legal tussle, according to the publication.

By Ekow Quandzie

  1. Okafor Innocent I says

    After the election we Nigerians knew that the presidential election was free and fair but what we need now is for the president to provide security for us.

  2. Akpen Augustine says

    It has come to an end today,But what of benue state will it at all?

  3. yemi peters says

    chikena! now the apex court in the land has echo the voice of nigerian loud and clear.

  4. Enter your name...usman says

    Nice judgment

  5. a good end to the legal jamboree…Buhari need not go to court in an election said to be free and fair even by international observers.QED

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