Korle-bu Community Chapel goes on endurance walk on Aburi Hills

Members of the Korle-bu Community Chapel of the Ghana Evangelical Convention, Accra as part of the holiday season undertook an endurance walk on the Aburi Hills in the Eastern region Monday January 26, 2011.

Members of the church, both old and young took off from the foot of the hills at Ayi Mensah village and walked up to the Peduase Lodge on top of the hill.

Some walked, others jogged and the rest sang and danced throughout the over one hour exercise.

Speaking to the congregation at the end of the walk at the Papaye Gardens, where the church continued with a picnic, head pastor, Rev. Emmanuel Osae-Addo said the walk was to test the members’ endurance and to make them reflect over next year’s theme for the church. He said next year, the theme of the church’s sermons will be based on the subject of endurance. He said “the race is not for sprinters. It is for those who can endure.” The Christian faith he said is a life-long journey that requires the ability to endure to the end.

Dr. Prince Pambo, a sports physician who is also a member of the event organising committee encouraged the members to do regular exercises. He said in Ghana exercising is seen as medicine, and it has the ability to keep people healthy and prolong lives.

He urged church members to exercise at least three times a week, and possibly increase it to five days a week.

Some physical instructors from the Ghana Police were present to take the congregation through some exercises.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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