CPP needs pragmatic flagbearer for elections 2012 – Bright Akwetey

Mr Bright Oblitei Akwetey, a Legal Practitioner, on Monday asserted that the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) needs a pragmatic Flag bearer to team up with party leadership to bolster its fortunes in Elections 2012.

“CPP needs a Flag bearer, who is committed, forward-looking, disciplined, credible, and capable of radically transforming the current fragile party structures into a formidable, well-tuned election machinery.”

Mr Akwetey told the Ghana News Agency in an interview to declare his intention to contest for the CPP Flag bearership slot for Elections 2012.

He said the CPP needs “A Flag bearer with the capability to remove the credibility gap created in the media, through acts of omission and commission by some leading members of the party in recent times and also help build a united, strong, vibrant and attractive party.”

Mr. Akwetey, a former Chief State Attorney at the Attorney General’s Department, called on true members of the CPP to step forward to take up the challenge for contesting parliamentary seats in the various constituencies to ensure a massive electoral shift to the CPP.

He expressed optimism that his candidature offers a window of hope for many party faithful, who have for some time now recoiled from participating in activities of the party to rescind their decision.

“My Candidature is a good omen and a golden opportunity for all Nkrumaist to return to the mainstream and join hands together with him and the leadership at all levels to build a more disciplined party not based on individualistic ego.

“CPP is bigger than all its members…it will never succumb to any personality…the party is supreme with hopes of recovering the lost decades for the social transformation of Ghana,” Mr Akwetey stated.

The former Assistant Special Public Prosecutor said Ghana needs the CPP for the recovery of the nation’s eroded sovereignty and economy.

“Ghana needs a massive psychological transformation and sustained efforts, directed at decolonizing the minds of leadership in all spheres of the national development agenda in a determined effort to create a united and prosperous Ghana.

“It is even more pressing now than ever to operationalize the three-pillars of Nkrumaism ‘Self Determination, Social Justice and Pan- Africanism’ it is imperative now than ever before to demonstrate in clearest terms that after all the Black man is capable of managing his own affairs, this I stand for,” Mr Akwetey stated.

He therefore called on all well-meaning Ghanaians to join the CPP for the socio-economic transformation of the country.

The CPP has tentatively fixed March 2012 for its Flag bearership elections whilst nominations for parliamentary seats remains open.

Source: GNA

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  1. Okofo Addae-Kwasi says

    The decision by Mr Bright Akwetey to run for the CPP flagbearership is most welcome to complement the election of Samia Nkrumah as Chair of Ghana’s. party of Independence. The two have given the Party a new lease of life and made it very electable to power. The man has professionally proven himself a most capable individual and a promising Presidential material. He is surely going to provide the unifying force which the Party has lacked the last two election seasons because of the egotism and self-centered nature of the likes of Kwesi Nduom and Badu Akosa. With Bright Akwetey the CPP can win to bring CPP into government or at least hold the balance of power, Fellow Ghanaians, please give this bright Presidential candidate the support he needs to transform Ghana.

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