Former President Rawlings asks politicians to be responsible

Mr. & Mrs. Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has in a Christmas Message called on politicians to exhibit  high sense of responsibility in their actions and utterances during the coming year.

He said most politicians from various sides of the political divide had cultivated a thought process that gives little credence to the intelligence of average Ghanaians.

Former President Rawlings said:  “The crass behaviour and utterances must give way to noble and respectful language and thought”.

Speaking in an exclusive interview at his Ridge office in Accra, Former President Rawlings urged Ghanaians to celebrate the yuletide in moderation.

He also reminded Ghanaians  to meditate on the nation’s critical need to sustain the peace and desire a progressive 2012, which will be devoid of acrimony.

Former President Rawlings said: “Let us use this period to pray and call on all participants in the political environment to lead us responsibly into 2012, taking actions and decisions that sow seeds of progress and development rather than tension and divisiveness.

We have been witnesses to situations where politicians and their assigns have made irresponsible statements that do the nation no good. This must give way to more thoughtful intercourse that recognizes the intellect of the average Ghanaian.”

The former President also called for the strengthening of family relations during the Christmas season, as that is the bedrock of society and the stepping-stone for national unity and peace.

He said “Work and other social challenges have meant that throughout the year we spend little time at home as a family unit. You are looking at the situation where parents leave home early in the day and return home late, having little or no time to interact with young members of the family.

Let us work to consolidate family values this season and by so doing appreciate the warmth, love and affection this singular action brings to our lives.”

The former President also prayed for peace in conflict areas in Africa, particularly in Somalia and said while a lot of progress had been made towards peace, a lot more commitment was required from all stakeholders.

He called on all Africans to remember to “commit the Somali conflict and others to prayer and meditation so we can find lasting peace soon”.

Source: GNA

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