2012 will deliver many good things for Ghana – President Mills

President John Atta Mills

President John Evans Atta Mills on Wednesday held an end-of-year reception for the Staff of the Office of the President, Osu Castle, Accra, and made an optimistic forecast that next year, would deliver many good things for the nation.

Despite the challenges of the present year, President Mills expressed his personal   appreciation, and that of the Government to the support of Ghanaians to achieve significant success towards the implementation of the Better Ghana programme.

President Mills said: “I am very hopeful for the year 2012. It will give us a lot of opportunities. In spite of the ups and downs, we have been able to record the highest economic growth for the country.”

He cited the successes made in infrastructure development, and the IMF’s approval for the $3 billion Chinese loan as some of the gains which placed the Government in a better position to implement other development programmes in the coming year.

President Mills said: “These will open doors for us,” and that the year 2012 is an opportunity for Ghana as country to rise and shine.

The President was appreciative to the workers the Presidency, and all public sector workers for the support they continue to offer Government.

He said: “Your hard work significantly contributed to the gains made by the government in the year,” and reminded the workers that there would be challenges in the coming year, an election year.

The President said he urged them to continue to be committed to the national interest.

President Mills reiterated that public office holders needed to be judicious, transparent and accountable in the management of national resources.

He said: “People in high positions are there to serve the people and help them improve their standard of living through the judicious use of the scarce national resources”.

President Mills assured the workers of improved conditions of service, and said Ghanaians had appreciated their dedication and sacrifices.

The Chief of Staff, John Henry Martey Newman, thanked the workers for their cooperation and support.

As part of the reception, farewell gifts were presented to five retiring officers, who had served at the Office of the President as civil servants between 20 and 40 years.

Source: GNA

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