Food and cuisine can put Ghana on world map – Dr Chinery-Hesse

Mary Chinery Hesse

Dr Mrs Mary Chinery-Hesse, Vice Chairman of National Development Planning Commission, on Monday has observed that food and cuisine could be a unifying force that could put Ghana on the world map.

Dr Chinery- Hesse made the call at the launch of a book titled: “Aunty Mama’s Cook Book – A Taste of Ghana,” authored by Mrs Florence Aleeno Sai, a Home Economist.

She urged families to patronise the book and use it to enhance their cooking, saying the book written by  Mrs Aleeno Sai, had left a culinary legacy in the history of Ghana, acknowledging the children’s recipe component in the book.

The book, a 129- page book contains various traditional Ghanaian and non Ghanaian dishes.

Mrs Jane Kwawu, a Gender Consultant, who reviewed the book, pointed out that the measurement part, where the author took time to describe how much ingredients are needed for a particular quantity of food was most outstanding.

She said usually in Ghanaian cooking, many people cook based on experience and do not measure the right quantities of ingredients.

Mrs Kwaku said for instance many people approximate that a handful of salt would be suitable for a particular quantity of food without considering the need and necessary measurement.

Aunty Mama’s Cook Book also highlights the centrality of the kitchen to the unity of a family and emphasise meal planning as an important issue in the home.

Mrs Kwawu described the book as inter-generational, making it possible for both the old and young to appreciate its content and recommend it for family use.

Mrs Aleeno Sai said: “This book is a product of a dream I have carried close to my heart.”

She said cooking is a core function of putting the family together and expressed the hope that traditional indigenous meals would not be lost to the current generation.

Mrs Veronica Jackson, President of Ghana Home Economics Association said the body is proud of the publication and expressed belief that every family would love going through the book a number of  times.

She recommended it for tourists and suggested that Ghanaian embassies would have the book available for those travelling to Ghana who are seeking first hand information about Ghanaian food.

“Aunty Mama’s Cook Book,” will promote Ghanaian identity and cultures,” she said recommending it for schools, especially the home economics departments.

The well-attended event, had a full representation of the Sai Family including Professor Fred T. Sai, a renowned Ghanaian Family Health physician and husband of the author, their children, grand children, great grand children, nephews and nieces, friends, loved ones and other invited guests.
The first copy of the book was auctioned for GH¢6,000 while the retail price is GH¢30.

Aunty Mama’s Cook Book is available in books shops throughout Ghana.

Source: GNA

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