Spam alert!

We have noticed today that our system has been compromised and our email accounts have been hacked.

The hackers or hacker has possibly sent spam emails from our accounts to a number of individuals and organisations.

We hereby wish to inform anyone or any organisation that might have received any spam email or message from to disregard such information.

We also sincerely apologise to all those who might have received such mails that certainly did not originate from us.

At, we are very much aware of the value of good reputation and the high standards that are expected of a news organisation of our kind, and we will not engage in such criminal activities.

Please if you have received any such mail purported to have come from us, do not respond to it.

We thank all our visitors for the continued faith in us as we continue to do our very best to keep you informed with the news that must be heard.

Emmanuel K. Dogbevi
Managing Online Editor

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