World Bank launches “Apps for Climate” Competition

The World Bank December 2, 2011 launched an “Apps for Climate” competition which will bring software developers and development practitioners together.

According to the World Bank, the competition, launched at the Durban climate conference, is asking entrants to use open data to create innovative software applications that can help solve some of the development problems that climate change poses.

In a statement, the Bank said “The “apps” for this latest competition can be created for the web, for mobile devices, for SMS, for a desktop, or a tablet.”

It adds “The competition includes cash prizes to the winning entries. Apps must be submitted by March 16, 2012.”

Explaining the aim of the competition, Mr Andrew Steer, World Bank Special Envoy for Climate Change said “The competition aims to discover new and extraordinary ways to use open climate data. We hope to unleash the creative energy out there which will make “apps” that help create solutions to weather-related disasters, risks for agriculture, food and water supplies, rising sea levels and other climate related challenges.”

By Ekow Quandzie

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