DCE urges Assembly Members to lobby NGOs for development projects

Alhaji Bubey Dzinadu, North-Tongu District Chief Executive (DCE), has advised members of the Assembly to lobby organisations for development projects in the area.

“Please we are distressed and so you have to be ingenuous in lobbying NGOs for some projects to supplement what the Assembly can offer,” he stated.

Alhaji Dzinadu, who was speaking during an ordinary meeting of the Assembly at Adidome noted that, being a deprived district, the Assembly’s Internally Generated Fund (IGF) was nothing to write home about.

He said the Common Fund from Government was the Assembly’s only source of revenue.

Alhaji Dzinadu said the Assembly was currently using the Common Fund to implement 43 inherited projects, 30 of which had since been completed and that its capacity to start new ones was limited.

The DCE further advised members to also tap the goodwill of persons from their areas, adding that the Assembly would be behind them in all genuine demands.

Alhaji Dzinadu said 76 projects including 20 school jobs, eight boreholes, roads and six steel bridges were being tackled.

He advised the Assembly Members to stop turning the School Feeding Programme into a subject for litigation, saying the poor nature of the district made every school a beneficiary of the Programme.

The DCE, however, said extension of the programme depended on the availability of funds.

He stressed that no application was required for a school’s placement under the Programme and that selection was done by the National Implementation Committee in consultation with the Assemblies.

The DCE said beneficiary schools in the district were four in the beginning but had gone up to 23 currently.

The Executive Committee’s report, 2012 Fee Fixing Resolution and an Annual Budget, were discussed and approved while the poor performance of basic school in the area took a centre stage of discussions.

Source: GNA

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