Food and Drugs Board warns against buying products displayed under the sun

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) on Thursday warned the public to desist from buying products displayed under sun because the sunlight alters the effects of those products, thus posing health hazards to consumers.

Mr George Penstil, the Eastern Regional Officer of the FBD, said the public should not only rely on the embossment of manufacturing and expiry dates on products because the mishandling of products could also pose health hazards to consumers.

Speaking to the GNA in Koforidua, he said the FDB had observed that most traders displayed their wares on the sun ignorantly, especially water and food products, and urged the public to be conscious of their health and what they ate.

Mr Penstil explained that the expiry and manufacturingdates were not enough indices   to check for the safety and quality of products because the sun rays had been proven to have adverse effects on products, especially canned ones.

He said the FDB had observed a number of bad practices that compromised the safety of products, especially foods on the market.

He cited the handling of sachet water in particular, which posed health threat to the consumers, explaining that the trucks that carry them on the sun during distribution and retailing when traders buy and store them was usually placed at the mercy of the weather.

Mr Penstil called on the public to be vigilant and report to the FDB any bad practices concerning foods and drugs and said the FDB could not be effective without the public’s collaboration.

He appealed to the public not to throw purchased sub standard products such as foods, drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals and medical devices away but should rather report to the FBD for action to be taken.

Source: GNA

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