Accra Metropolitan Assembly organises development forum

Dr. Vanderpuije - Accra Mayor

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) on Thursday organised an Accra Community Upgrading Forum on the theme: “Developing Accra for the 21st century, Challenges and Opportunities,” in Accra.

The forum was a platform to make public, the outcome of the various studies undertaken by the AMA and  professors and students from the Earth Institute towards the upgrading of the city.

Some of the projects to be captured under the community upgrading forum include the development of Nima, Ga Mashie, Korle Gonno, Salaga Market, and hospitals.

Speaking at the forum, Mr Alfred Vanderpuije,  Metropolitan Chief Executive said  the Millennium City was launched on  January  15, 2010, with the view to provide collaborative opportunities with the Earth Institute and Colombia University to transform the city of Accra into a modern area.

He said the project is expected to decongest and  beautify the city and reduce crime.

“Education, health delivery, environmental sanitation, creating of best environment for businesses, water and electricity development, improving and building of markets, best transportation systems and road improvement activities, street naming and house numbering, providing opportunities for modern and affordable housing are areas expected to be improved during the process,” he said.

Mr Vanderpuije said since the launch of the Millennium City project the shift system in the basic school system has been changed whilst  two millennium city schools has been inaugurated as well as computer and science laboratories and library.

He said 29 additional projects are under construction.

Source: GNA

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