Regularise land acquisition at Ankwa Dobro – land owners told

Obaapanin Mary Ankwa Akua Oye, Head of the Ankwa Family of Ankwa Dobro, has called on all persons, who have acquired lands in the area to regularise them with the head of family.

Speaking with the Ghana News Agency at Ankwa Dobro in the Akuapem South Municipality of the Eastern Region on Friday, Obaapanin Akua Oye said it had come to the notice of the family that some unauthorised persons had arrogated to themselves the right to sell lands of the family.

She stated that the family was in the process of compiling records of all such sales to ensure that they were properly documented and regularised.

The Head of the Family called on all persons, who had acquired any interest to submit their documents or any other evidence of their acquisition to the family lawyer, Mr Isaac Okyere-Darkoh within 30 days to have their titles documented.

She said that the only person, who had the right and capacity to give out lands at Ankwa Dobro was Obaapanin Mary Ankwa Akua Oye with the prior consent of members of her family.

Source: GNA

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  1. Richmond Nii Nmai says

    Obaapanin Ankwa Akua Oye, May the Aimighty give you VICTORY, Amen. my little advice to you as man of God, change counsel and you will succeed AMEN.

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