National Youth Authority warns against illegal youth associations

The National Youth Authority (NYA) on Tuesday warned the public against the formation or operation of unauthorized youth associations or groups.

In a statement issued in Accra, it reminded the public that there were rules and regulations governing the youth sector.

It said in the exercise of its mandate, the Authority, would henceforth proscribe any existing or registered youth groups that indulged in acts of misconduct and criminality.

“The National Youth Authority also warns all who are, or intend to operate ‘unregistered’ Youth Organisations, that they do so at their own risk and will be liable for prosecution when apprehended.

The statement said the law indicated clearly that sanctions of imprisonment and fine would be imposed on anyone who supported in any way the activities of such an unregistered Youth Organisations.

“The National Youth Authority has created opportunity for interested persons to regularise their activities through its ongoing Registration/Re-Registration Exercise and the National Youth Database Project, which is underway countrywide at its District, Regional and National Secretariats.”

The statement said the legal requirement had been widely publicised through the media as well as the National Youth Caravan currently touring many communities across the country.

Under NRCD 241(1974), 16, no youth organization shall engage in any youth activities unless that organization has been registered as such by the Authority.

It states that the Authority shall charge in respect of a registration the fee determined by the Board with the prior approval of the Minister.

“Despite the provisions of any other enactment, a youth organisation in existence immediately before the commencement of this Act shall, within thirty days after the coming into force of this Act, apply to the Authority to be registered.

“A youth organisation which fails to register within thirty days after its formation or if in existence before the coming into force of this Act, fails to register within thirty days after the Act had come into force, shall be proscribed by the Board.”

The law states that a person shall not do an act likely to promote the activities and operations of a proscribed youth organisation.

“A person who does an act in contravention of a provision (of the law) commits an offence and is liable or summary conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred penalty units or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding six months or to both the fine and the imprisonment.”

The law also states that the Board shall proscribe or refuse to register all youth organizations the aims or objects of which are contrary to the object of the Authority.

Source: GNA

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