Solidarity Caravan tourists visit Ghana

Kakum Park - One of Ghana's best tourist site

Tourists on the “Solidarity Caravan 2011,” have arrived in the country through the Leklebi Border Post in the Hohoe Municipality for a five-day tour of the country.

The 22-member team includes people from Belgium, France, Italy, Gadolou in the Caribbean and Chile are touring destinations in Benin, Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso.

The Caravan, which is being organised by Eco-Benin, an eco-tourism concern is aimed at bringing Africa and its tourism potentials closer to people of the Diaspora and to help reduce the negative stereotyping of the continent.

Mr Gautier K. Amoussou, National Coordinator of Eco-Benin, said its cardinal objective is to promote community eco-tourism initiatives, management, development, networking in a sustainable manner whilst shoring up best practices and surmounting challenges.

He said documentaries are being produced to inform the people of the Diaspora about the enormous attractions of the continent and solicit partnerships.

Mr Amoussou entreated governments to increase investments in the sector and collaborate with the private sector towards striking positive partnerships to expand and offer credit lines for developing the tourism enterprise.

He said the team had visited the Possotome Lake, Glazoue Mountains and Kusukwengo local architecture in Benin and Re-afforestation project in Togo prior to entering Ghana.

Mr Rusmond Anyina, Training and Community Development Officer, said though the cultural and traditional values of the society would not be sacrificed at the altar of tourism, it was important to note that tourism holds the key for accelerated development in the country.

He entreated the communities to maintain clean environments and avoid adulterating their cultural norms with foreign ones.

Ms Charlotte Tharreau, a French tourist described her experience as overwhelming, unending and invigorating saying Europe never knew what they were missing in Africa.

Tourism sites to be visited in Ghana are Wli Waterfalls, Tafi Atome, Kyabobo and Mole National Parks, Mognori Ecological Village and Wachiau Hippo sanctuary.

Source: GNA

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