We will never accept herdsmen on any part of Agogo land – Youth

Efforts at relocating Fulani herdsmen at Agogo by the Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) and the Traditional Council appear to have run into difficulty.

The youth have vowed not to accept any deal that would allow the herdsmen and their animals to settle on any portion of Agogo land.

Mr Pesse Danquah, their Spokesperson, said such a move would be fiercely resisted.

The people, he said, had been at the receiving end of atrocities of the Fulanis for far too long and that they could no longer tolerate them.

“There should be no distinction because we do not know which of the groups – the legal or illegal herdsmen, are behind the heinous crimes visited on our people.”

Their position, he told the Ghana News Agency (GNA), was taken after a meeting held at Agogo on Wednesday.

The decision would be formally communicated to the REGSEC, Traditional Council and other stakeholders, he added.

This development has dealt a big blow to the original plan to move the herdsmen to a reserved area on the outskirts of Agogo.

Source: GNA

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