Pharmacists call off strike

The Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOSPA), has called off its nationwide industrial action in reaction to what it described as the “ unilateral and deceitful migration” of members unto the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS).

A statement issued by GHOSPA  National Chairman, Stephen Corquaye says it has ended the strike started on Monday, November 7 in protest against the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC)  decision to migrate pharmacists unto the SSSS without their consent and whilst negotiations on the grade and premium for members was on-going.

“Government’s reaction to the strike was swift and spontaneous. That same evening, a six-hour meeting was held between the sector Minister of Health, other key Ministers, and the FWSC to resolve our grievances.

“At the end of the marathon discussions, the parties jointly signed a common statement setting out the agreed issues.

“Notable among these were immediate reversal of the unilateral migration of pharmacists onto the SSSS for the month of October.

“From November, the Controller and Accountants-General’s Department will revert to the status-quo pre-October until the consent of pharmacists have been properly obtained for migration onto the SSSS.

“That the migration of pharmacists will not occur until the parties have both come to mutually satisfactory agreements regarding grading and premium of pharmacists.

“That pharmacists as a group will be accorded the same respect and consultation offered other health workers without discrimination,” the statement said.

The parties also resolved to work closely together as soon as possible to resolve the outstanding issues so that pharmacists could be migrated unto the SSSS.

The National Labour Commission by a letter dated November 7, 2011 subpoenaed GHOSPA and the FWSC to submit to it an immediate Compulsory Arbitration.

The statement said: “In view of the Joint Statement and the agreement to immediately reverse the unilateral migration of pharmacists onto the SSSS, the leadership of GHOSPA hereby calls off the nationwide strike… and urges all Government and Hospital Pharmacists to, in the spirit of Amicus Humani Generis, resume work fully at their various stations across the nation.”

It said members of GHOSPA will not hesitate to use all legal means available to them including industrial action if the issues and agreements are not adhered to, adding “we hope our demonstration of commitment and good faith will be reciprocated by all stakeholders both now and in the future”.

Source: GNA

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    we salute you all pharmacists. GOD bless you all.

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