Ghanaian surgeon in UK suspended for using laser for ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ surgery

Professor Phanuel Dartey, a Ghanaian surgeon based in the UK, has been suspended by the UK General Medical Council (GMC) after been found of causing damages to five patients after conducting ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ surgery on them, the Daily Mail reports November 8, 2011.

Professor Dartey, a gynaecologist and obstetrician, who runs the UK Laser Gynaecology Centre from rooms in London’s Harley Street, according to the publication, was suspended for ‘catalogue of errors’ after claiming he could boost women’s sex lives with £6,000 treatments.

He is said to be using a laser treatment developed in the US.

The Daily Mail says the GMC’s case is that Professor Dartey, 68, who gained his medical degree in Russia, harmed a number of patients and worked without a medical insurance.

He is due to appear before the GMC next week and faces an 18-month suspension. His case is being investigated.

But Professor Dartey has denied claims by the GMC. He has been quoted by the Daily Mail as saying “I was shocked that the GMC decided to suspend me. They have presented no serious evidence that I am a risk to patients.”

“I have lots of satisfied women patients since I started using a laser for this type of surgery.  I have carried out more than 250 operations using the laser and there have been no complaints. I have practised in this country for 40 years and have never had any complaints by patients to the GMC.”

By Ekow Quandzie

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