300 water meters stolen at Swedru

The Agona West Municipal Customer Care Officer of the Ghana Water Company in Agona Swedru, Mr Emmanuel Baah Achamfour, has expressed concern about the rate at which water meters belonging to the company were being stolen.

Mr Achamfour said about 300 water meters had been stolen in Agona Swedru within the past one-and-a-half years.

He stated that the trend was affecting the operations of the company in its quest to supply water to its customers.

According to Mr Achamfour, Ghana Water Company was unable to determine customers’ consumption due to the stealing of the water meters.

This development, he said, had also affected the billing system of the company.

Mr Achamfuor indicated that non-revenue water had increased due to this phenomenon.

He mentioned that customers whose water meters had been stolen would have to pay GH¢55 as installation fee before the replacement of their meters.

He, however, complained about the situation where some customers of the company whose meters had been stolen refused to pay the instal­lation fees but rather insisted that their meters be replaced for free. He explained that it was the company’s policy to charge the installation fee. A letter sighted at the offices of the company at Agona Swedru actually confirmed it.

Mr Achamfuor said the theft cases had been reported to the Agona Swedru Police and that had led to the apprehension of three teenagers who were currently standing trial at the Agona Swedru Magistrate’s Court

He also appealed to customers to exercise restraint since the company was putting measures in place to improve upon water supply in Agona Swedru.

Source: Daily Graphic

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