Take advantage of LESDEP to acquire skills – MCE

The Municipal Chief Executive for Mfantseman, Mr Henry Kweku Hayfron, has called on the youth to take advantage of the Local Enterprise and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP) to acquire skills.

LESDEP is a programme instituted by the government to assist the youth to acquire skills.

Mr Hayfron made the call at the close of a week-long training workshop organised by the Mankessim rural Technology Facility for apprentices and master craftsmen at Mankessim.

Measurement, marking-out and identification of screw threads was organised for 25 apprentice welders, mechanics, blacksmiths and auto body works, whilst 19 master craftsmen (carpenters) underwent training in quality finishing.

Mr Hayfron said white collar jobs were difficult to come by these days and advised the youth to make decent living through entering the private sector of the economy.

Mr Ibrahim Biney, Central Regional Chairman of the Ghana National Association of Garages, said the youth must count themselves lucky because during their time they did not get any of the opportunities they are now getting.

“There was nothing like training courses for members of garages at out time”, he said and urged them to take advantage of the opportunities to develop themselves.

Mr Isaac Botchway, Chairman of the Municipal branch of the Ghana National Association of Garages, said the training he had in Accra enabled him to perform up to this time and urged the trainees to put into practice what they had learnt at the training workshop.

Mr Isaac Bainin, Rural Technology Facility Manager, said the development of the country depended on skilled artisans.

He said that was the reason why the government was serious with the establishment of Rural Enterprise Projects and urged the youth to take advantage of them.

Source: GNA

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