Revenue Bureau calls for probe into activities of Meilum Ghana Limited

The Revenue Protection Information Bureau (RPIB), has expressed concern over the fraudulent dealings of some foreign companies, which it said undermined the national economy.

The RPIB, a centre for gathering information on revenue leakages and acts that undermine the economy, said in a statement issued in Accra on Tuesday that it was monitoring activities of some foreign companies and illegal immigrants whose illegal acts were detrimental to the state.

The statement signed by Godfrey K. Nkrumah, for the Executive Director of RPIB said owners of these companies came into the country through the back door with only a passport and briefcase.

“They rent apartments using them as warehouses and operate their businesses from the same place.

He said the culprits were involved in importation and petty trading, unlawful money transfer, tax evasion and illegal mining activities.

The statement alleged that one of such companies under observation was Meilum Ghana Limited, a Chinese company.

It claimed that the corporate entity “is evading tax and changing its proceeds into foreign currency on the black market and transferring it outside the country”.

“Most of their foreign workers have also been found to be illegal immigrants without working permits.

The RPIB is calling on the Ministry of Finance to carry out a forensic investigation into the activities of the company.

The statement called on the government to compose a joint security team to check the activities of illegal immigrants, which it said posed a threat to the nation.

Source: GNA

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