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Anti-gay aid cut: Bring it on, Ghana tells UK

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Ghana’s President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills has hit back at British Prime Minister, David Cameron, for threatening to cut aid to countries that have anti-gay laws.

“No one can deny Prime Minister Cameron his right to make policies, take initiatives and make statements that reflects his societal norms and ideals. But he does not have the right to direct other sovereign nations as to what they should do especially where their societal norms and ideals are different from those which exists in Prime Minister Cameron’s society,” President Mills told journalists in Accra November 2, 2011.

He adds, “I, as President of this nation will never initiate or support any attempt to legalise homosexuality in Ghana. As a government, we will abide by the principles enshrined in our constitution. Let me also say that while we acknowledge all the financial assistance and all the aid that’s given us by our development partners, we will not accept any aid with strings attach if that aid will not inure to our interest.”

Ghana is Britain’s biggest bilateral aid recipient, the country received £85 million in aid from Britain in 2010, according to Press TV.

By Ekow  Quandzie

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  1. This is insanity and politically incorrect. They should burn in hell if that’s what they want . Legalization my foot

  2. you are 100 percent right your exellence. Stick to your nomes homosexuall is not good

  3. Kudos Mr. President, we dont want that western rot to be exported to our African society.
    To Mr. Cameron, please stop bossing Africa, days of colonialism are over, get that clearly to your mind.

  4. Robert Mugabe once said and I quote’gays and lesbians are worse than goats,cats,pigs and dogs’. He’s entitled to his opinion. This is quite a contentious issue in our society. I’ll keep my opinion to myself.

  5. Hands up for the Ghana president, we salute you for standing up without fear to these crazy wersten people. We need more of you president Mills and Mugabe, Africa should protect itself from the social rot that is being exported by the failed european societies. They exported aids to africa, they exported povery by taking all our resources, they exported promiscuity, now they are fighting to export gay lesbians. Hmm you heard our big time puppet Tsvangirayi of Zimbabwe twoo weeks ago when he met Cameroon, what a shame, Zimbabwe has such a so called prime Minister. Africans wake up and protect yourselves.

  6. this is the highest of insanity, how cld he support such an act..

  7. GOd wil destroy n cast all gay partners n dose who support 4rm dis earth lyk SODOM N GOMORAH so BECAREFUL N PUT A STOP 2 DAT SHAMEFUL ACT!!!! GOD WIL PUNISH U! it is total nonsense!!!

  8. This is what sodom and gomorah did when God burt them with hell fire. Ghana should not accept any aid with condition that will make our dear country suffer before God. Truly, the world is going to an end.

  9. I cannot actually come to terms with what I’m reading… what is this the 15th century? How on earth does a country wish to progress if they cannot adhere to simple basic human rights, ridiculous!.. so you mean up till now, there are still policies in Gh that infringe on peoples rights that the rest of the world got over decades ago.. grow up, or keep up rather

  10. So this stupid cameron thinks we are his toys to be tolling around with. After he(goat) kill Gaddafi now he tells us to ligalise homo….

  11. No more Aid from the USA, UK, Canada, and the EU. No more import preferences for your products. No more immigration visas for officials engaging in violations of human rights and their families. Taxes on remittances from immigrants living in those countries to Ghana. And then….we’re going to remove the tax deductability of Americans/Britons/Canadians/Europeans’ ‘charitable’ contributions to organizations and churches in your nation. And then we’re going to reduce HIV assistance funding so that we can concentrate funding on countries that actually are interested in fighting AIDS, instead of perpetuating policies and discrimination that demonize people and encourage the spread of the disease.

    Ghana is independent and can choose its own path. Please understand that WE are independent and are not going to continue to subsidize gross human rights abuses by Ghana. Perhaps China can subsidize your economy and you can send your immigrants to Saudi Arabia.

  12. This is what is called being independent. British society is British keep your values and lets keep ours. I do not have anything against Gays. However if Ghana is not ready or at that level yet, no one should be telling us what we are not ready for.

    How about telling the British, allow all the Afriicans who wants to come to London accept them.

  13. Human rights is majority rights, this goes to Suzanne or whatever you are called..and if you should know, which I cannot see how you will, the so call UN Human Rights Charter is based on the norms and value of USA and the UK….we all have different definition for human rights…I guess it will be right for your husband incase you do men, to have multiple partners, besides you….since it is his rights. THIS IS AFRICA….SUZZANE IF YOU CAN PUT UP, APPLY FOR VISA TO GO LIVE IN THE UK OR ELSE WHERE SINCE ITIS YOUR HUMAN RIGHT, AFTER ALL ITS IS OUR RIGHT TO GO LIVE IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD SO WHY DO WE NEED VISAS TO TRAVEL…SHINE YOUR EYES. ONE LAST THING SUZZANE ALL COUNTRIES THAT HAVE DEVELOPED LIKE CHINA, INDIA AND THE REST ARE COUNTRIES THAT DEFINED THEIR OWN DESTINY…..SO IF YOU WANT GHANA TO DEVELOP THEN SUPPORT US TO DO THINGS THE GHANA’S WAY, THE AFRICAN WAY….I some how have a feeling you wont though…..

  14. well, i don’t think the uk is legislating policy by dictating how THEIR money will be spent. And to all you Africans who like to think that homosexuality, promiscuity, HIV/AIDS, and all contemporary societal ills have been BROUGHT to YOU by the WEST, I would respectfully submit that as long as sexuality has existed, homosexuality has existed, even in AFRICA (though you would not want to admit it!). If you are not interested in antigay legislation from Great Britain, then DO NOT ACCEPT THE MONEY!!! It’s that simple! Generate your own!!

  15. well there you go… cut them off and let their god take care of them as he did before… with pestilence, wars and famine.

    why would they want to accept monies from a society that supports glbt people in the first pace? why would they accept money- that in part- is made up of taxpayer finance… GAY peoples’ taxes? they will take their money, but want the right to imprison and kill them?

    it will never cease to amaze me that people are so afraid of love between two people. in the u.s., there was a time when two people of different races could not marry- or two people of different faiths. obviously, ghana would like to stay about 100 years or more behind the rest of the world.


  16. am so disapointed by the says of unGomdly man .if he thinks gaysm is human then let him instruct his children to do so.mr pm david cameroon u will never hv peace in your heart cos uve provocked the word of God and disobeyed him mrpm david cameroom we pray that may God punish u the way he did to sodom and gomora. Hy africa arise and ashame the devil.

  17. Separation of God and state. If two countries go to war which side does G-d support? It is 2011 and we are still jailing people solely on the basis of their sexual orientation. What do you think goes on in the prisons?

    A lot of these comments make me sad. So much hatred in some hearts. Let G-d be the judge, legalizing homosexuality is not the same as encouraging it! It will only allow people of a different sexual orientation to live in peace in society and continue to be productive members of society. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

    I don’t agree with Cameron’s hardball method to influence Ghanaian laws, and for that I am glad our president stood his ground.

  18. You rile against so colonialism but you even use a foreign language in communication. Maybe if the African society looked itself in the mirror it wouldn’t be the poorest, most corrupt, violent and miserable continent on earth.

  19. @FromAmerica you have obviously never travelled to Africa have you? Ignoramus.

  20. I just pray that our president sticks to his words and acts on them, so it does not become a political thing…