Government asked to scrutinize EPA activities

Government has been asked to scrutinize the activities of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to enable the Agency to play its leading role of environmental protection and conservation.

Mr Richster Nii Amarh Amarfio, Executive Secretary of Corporate Social Responsibility Movement (CRSM), a non-governmental organization (NGO), made the call at a press conference at Tema at the weekend.

It was organised by the NGO,  to expose negative practices by some companies in the Tema Metropolis that could have adverse effects on the environment.

Mr Amarfio alleged that the EPA had not conducted any environmental impact assessment and did not organise any public hearing on the Wilmar Africa Edible Oil Refinery Project being executed near the landing beach, as required by Regulation 17 of the Environmental Assessment  Regulation of 1999.

He also claimed that, in an attempt to reclaim the wetland around the Chemu lagoon,  Global Haulage had failed to notify EPA of any such undertaking.

Mr Amarfio alleged that when Global Haulage’s activities got to the notice of EPA, it decided to look elsewhere, whilst irreparable damage was caused to the Chemu.

The Executive Secretary of  CSRM also asked the Government to pay attention to the construction of a Fish Offal Recyling Plant by the Pioneer Food Cannery (PFP),  on a piece of land  within the company’s  premises.

Mr Amarfio claimed that the company had no environmental permit on the project and said the workers’ health and safety were being compromised, while EPA looked elsewhere.

“The uncanny silence of EPA in this matter must be investigated, since it has the power to halt this infraction of the law by PFC, especially when the company’s own workers feel threatened by the ongoing development,”  he suggested.

Source: GNA

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