FDB alerts Ghanaians of sale of expired Corned beef

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has obtained information that a large consignment of expired corned beef with the brand names “Grace Corned Beef” and “Libby Corned Beef”, have been found in a warehouse in Togo and was likely to find their way onto the Ghanaian market.

A statement signed by the acting Deputy Chief Executive of FDB in Charge of Food Division, Mr John Odame Darkwah, copied to GNA in Accra, said “the expired corned beef were believed to have been stored under very deplorable conditions since 2008 and have shown signs of bloating, rust and leakage of the cans.”

It said the expired products have been spotted in some markets around the port in Lome, Togo and could filter through to Ghana.

The statement said the  FDB, however, cautioned distributors and retailers not to patronise the expired corned beef for the purpose of sale in Ghana since such act contravenes Sections 1 (1) (b) and (8) of the Food and Drugs and Board Law, 1992 (PNDCL305B).

It said the consumption of expired meat products could lead to botulism and possibly death and consumers were asked not to buy the expired corned beef products and  they should report to the FBD anyone seen distributing these expired meat products.

Source: GNA

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