Mills stresses co-operation among African nations

President John Evans Atta Mills on Friday reiterated strong cooperation among African nations to enable them to utilise resources on the Continent, with assistance from foreign partners to improve the living standards of the people.

He stressed the adage that “Charity begins at home” and said nobody could fault African nations for using their potentials to lift the people up.

Receiving Letters of Credence from six envoys accredited to Ghana at the Osu Castle in Accra, President Mills re-stated Ghana’s commitment to the regional group of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union, and suggested home grown solutions to African problems.

The envoys accredited to Ghana were Ms Anna Marai Teles Carriera from Angola; Mr Peter Huyghebert from Belgium; Mr Jorge Fernando Lefebre Nicolas from Cuba; Mr Tom Tyrihjell from Norway; Mr Kyun Jea-Min from Korea and Mr Nestor Padalhin from Philippines.

When the Angolan Ambassador to Ghana, Ms Carriera was presenting her Letters, President Mills recalled the pooling of effort by Africa nations in the African liberation struggle with strong links between Ghana and Angola, and stressed similar co-operation in addressing developmental challenges.

President Mills recalled the visit of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos to Ghana last year, during which some agreements were signed to team to raise the living standards of the people.

He said Ghana had discovered hydro carbon and would compare notes with her African counterparts to develop that sector.

Ms Carriera assured President Mills of her co-operation to expand the level of co-operation between Angola and Ghana.

Concerning Mr Huyghebert, President Mills said there was good investment climate in Ghana and invited Belgian investors to take advantage of the opportunities and invest in Ghana and transfer expertise in the energy sector to fast-track Ghana’s development.

President Mills assured investors of good returns, adding that Ghana was committed to the rule of law and would offer her fullest co-operation.

Proposing a toast after receiving the Letters of Credence from the Cuban Ambassador, Mr Nicholas to Ghana, President Mills expressed Ghana’s appreciation to Cuba for her show of love to Ghana, especially by making available medical personnel and facilities..

He said Cuba had shown strong attachment to Ghana, and it was Government’s intention to deepen Ghana’s relationship with Cuba and to put it on a higher pedestal.

President Mills recalled the exchange of visits by the Vice Presidents of the two nations this year, and said it was  a sign of the strong bonds between Accra and Havana.

While extending greetings from Cuban President Raul Castro, the Cuban Ambassador promised to raise the level of co-operation between the two nations to a higher level.

Regarding Mr Tyrihjell from Norway, President Mills said the Scandinavian nation had an enviable record in the oil industry from which Ghana was ready to learn.

He commended Norway for instituting disaster risk reduction management policies and said Ghana was adopting similar policies with the recent floods that hit Accra.

Norway, President Mills said, was well-known for her concern about climate change, and Africa which was grappling with the effects of climate change would learn from those who had taken the lead in its management.

“Norway has helped us in so many ways; we’re looking for ways to strengthening our relations,” President Mills said.

Mr Tyrihjell was happy for being the first resident ambassador in Ghana,  and said Norway had been following developments in Ghana for years now.

He said the newly opened embassy would care for eight countries in the West African sub region.

Mr Tyrihjell commended Ghana on her democratic credentials, rule of law, and maintenance of peace and stability.

He promised that Norway would make her expertise in the oil and gas sectors available to Ghana.

Mr Tyrihjell announced that a delegation of 60 businessmen to be led by two ministers would soon be in Ghana to explore ways of building partnerships between Ghanaian and Belgian private and public sectors.

President Mills stressed similar cooperation to the Korean and Philippine Ambassadors for increased relations during their duty tour.

Source: GNA

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