Ghana listed 6th among world’s top ten tourism destinations in 2012

Ghana is listed as one of the top ten countries in the world to visit in the year 2012, according to Frommer’s 2012 list of top destinations released October 26, 2011. The country was sixth on the list.

Frommer’s is one of America’s bestselling travel guide covering over 3,500 destinations. It’s travel guidebook series began in 1957.

Ghana was ahead of London’s Greenwich neighbourhood, Girona in Spain and Bay of Fundyin Nova Scotia.

The top ten destinations are Curacao; Chongqing, China; Fukuoka Japan; Beirut; Ghana; London’s Greenwich neighbourhood; Girona, Spain; Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia; Kansas City, Mo; Yucatan Peninsula..

The destination listing, allows travellers to chime in on where they want to go next year, it says.

According to Frommer’s, it listed Ghana because “Ghana provides a perfect introduction to African travel. True, this small and amiable West African nation lacks the big name draws associated with the continent’s top safari destinations. But for anybody seeking a holistic experience that embraces traditional and contemporary cultures as well as beaches and safaris, Ghana’s microcosmic travel circuit is the perfect African primer.”

Kakum Park - One of Ghana's best tourist site

It continues “Where Ghana really stands out – and the reason it has become so popular with backpackers and volunteers — is its suitability to unpackaged travel. You could spend months, even months, exploring this safe and affordable Anglophone country, traveling as whim dictates, and still find yourself confronted with something different and special on a daily basis.”

The country’s stability as well as center of the slave trade which is also on the heritage trail for African Americans is said to have contributed to Ghana’s listing.

“It’s to get people thinking about looking at a new way to see the world,” editorial director David Lytle told the USA Today. “Travel should be inspiring, even as a five-day vacation.”

Ghana has amazing tourist sites such as the Kakum Park, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the Castles in Cape Coast and Elminia as well as the Mole National Park and many others in all the ten regions in the country. The country also has health tourist sites like the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm located at Sogakope in the Volta Region.

By Ekow Quandzie

  1. OBSERVER says

    I plan to visit next year as part of the UN International Year for People of African Descent. It would be my second visit. My first was five years ago. I am in South America…directly across the Atlantic from Ghana.

  2. Alex says

    I and my family (wife and three sons) are visiting over December 2011 – January 2012. We are attracted to the country’s reputation for friendliness and traditional culture. It will be our first visit, we’re volunteering at an orphanage in the Volta Region. VERY EXCITED.

  3. Babs says

    I always try to avoid TOURIST SITES, everywhere! special to advertise yourself as ‘center of the slave trade’

  4. Cindy says

    Ghana can be delightful; the people are usually honest and friendly. But be prepared to WAIT and WAIT for your food! We typically waited an hour for anything to be brought to the table. Especially don’t order anything that is not Ghanaian, like Cantonese rice! unless you are at Frankie’s in Accra. Better to enjoy fufu and soup like the locals; you’ll get your dinner before midnight!
    Beaches are quite dirty too, unless you go to one associated with one of the big hotels. Beware of jivey folks wanting to separate you from your cash; volunteering your time is a good idea, not donating money.

  5. Kwame Agyapong says

    GH can do better than wht we are seeing now, until we put our so call leaders to book for accountability, whiles they travel arround the world and can do nothing out of it ,the country will go to the drain.

  6. Lisa says

    Ghana is definitely a place to visit for both tourism and business. Just left 2 weeks ago after visiting for a trade visit. The people are wonderful and the hospitality is above and beyond. Great local cuisine too. Will be returning in 2012 with the rest of my family.

  7. Judith says

    I was invited to visit Ghana in 2011, I accepted the invite and went to Ghana in February for 10 days as a visitor for the first time, as a person who have been to many different places of travel, I can truly say Ghana is so far the Best. After returning from Ghana and taking over 2000 pictures there’s not one day I do not speak of the warm reception and love that was shown to me while visiting. I am planning on returning to Ghana within the next year for a much longer visit, as I felt very honored to have visit many places. On my return I will definitely be visiting other places. I will encourage anyone who have the opportunity to visit Ghana to do so, there will not be any regrets. The food is Awesome…. I Love FuFu (lol) and Love My New Ghana Family and Miss them Lots.

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