Government to compensate land owners at Tuba

Mr Kamel Henry Ford, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources said compensation to owners of land government compulsorily acquired at Tuba, Plerno, Amanfro and Kokrobite in the Ga South district will be done.

He could however not tell when.

Mr Ford who made this known when he appeared before Parliament to answer questions said the lands were acquired for irrigation development.

He said as at 2007 the total compensation assessed for the acquisition was GH¢ 41,486,565.00, which covers a total area of 5,531,542 acres.

He said the beneficiary agency was the Irrigation Development Authority (IDA) of the Ministry of the Food and Agriculture.

Mr Ford said in 1983 with the assistance of the European Union, about six kilometers of canal, two pumping stations and 220 hectors of developed farm land, one large warehouse and 20 bungalows were provided as a pilot scheme for the development of the land.

In 1996 another 40 hectares of a drip irrigation project was added as a private/ public initiative and currently about 1000 acres of the acquired land have been developed for irrigation.

A portion covering an area of 260.13 was also leased by government to the Central Mechanics and Scrap Dealers Association following a request from the Central Regional Administration.

A portion covering 47.309 areas was also leased to Medium Dwelling Company Limited for real estate purposes after the company had encroached on the land, following misrepresentation that it was not state land.

Mr Ford said in 2007 Cabinet after reviewing  the status of the acquisition as part of the inventory of state acquired lands in Accra, decided that the state investments in the land and state leases granted should be protected from further encroachments and that the Executive Instrument should be amended to exclude the encroached portions.

The Commission will also release the portions of the land not required by the state to the landowners.

He noted that a committee comprising the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the Lands Commission, Town and Country Planning Department and the District Assemblies has been formed to implement the Cabinet decision.

The inventory and delineation of the area occupied by IDA has been completed.

He pointed out that the Supreme Court, in the case of Nii Kpobi Tetteh Tsuru verses the Attorney-General has ruled that the 1992 constitution does not have retrospective effect.

He said Article 20(6) of the 1992 Constitution cannot therefore apply to acquisitions done before the constitution came into effect, adding that dealing with Tuba, Plerno, Kokrobite and Amanfro lands affected by the acquisition therefore requires political decisions and government will ensure that the right thing is done such that both the state investment in the area and the community rights are respected and protected.

Source: GNA

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