Private sector in Ghana tasked to contribute to tourism development

Akua Dansua - Minister of Tourism

The Chief and the Zenga ponds, popularly known as the Paga Crocodile ponds, which are located on the main Navrongo and Paga Highway in the Upper East region generated a total of ¢5,736.50 in 2010 and in the first quarter of 2011.

During this period, a total of 3,577 people made up of 2,748 residents and 829 non-residents visited the two places.

Ms Akua Dansua, Tourism Minister, said these in response to a question in Parliament, on what the Ministry is doing to provide adequate infrastructure to make the Paga Crocodile ponds and Slave camp more attractive tourist sites.

The Minister said the popularity of the ponds could be attributed to their locations on a major transit highway between the landlocked countries of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

She said the Ministry has always encouraged private individuals to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure since by so “doing the small and medium scale tourism enterprises such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment/recreational facilities, souvenir shops, transport services will be created to, among others, create jobs, provide income to operators in these sectors and improve the local economies of these areas.”

She said the Crocodile pond and the Slave camp have been documented in several brochures and the website of the Ghana Tourism Authority is contributing to the patronage they have been witnessing.

“Currently, the District Assembly has provided a modest visitor centre with facilities such as washrooms, restaurant, information office and entertainment area where cultural performances are held.

She urged the private sector to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in all parts of the country.

Parliament reconvened on Tuesday and the House is expected to debate and approve the NDC’s last budget this November before the country heads for General Elections in 2012.

By Eunice Menka

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  1. egi says

    The private sector will be attracted to invest in such areas only when the tourist product is enhanced. In this case, the crocodile pond and the slave camp.
    When the government plays its role in enhancing the product, the private investor will be motivated without much push.

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