Doctors’ strike is a governance issue – Dr. Ayirebi-Acquach

A retired Medical Doctor and Politician on Friday said the strike action embarked on by doctors was not a labour and salary issue but specifically a governance problem that was giving both the profession and the country a bad image.

Putting the strike action into perspective, Dr Ayirebi-Acquah in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said ,the action was very unfortunate and recalled that during President Obama’s visit to Ghana he admonished Ghanaians to recognized that it was not strong men or leaders who make a country but rather strong institutions.

According to him, institutions which function as independent, non-partisan and effective and were those that harmonies their functions with others explaining that the Medical and Dental Council and the Ghana Medical Association constitute one of the key and most important institutions of a state.

“In as much as community cannot exist without a Police station so can the nation exist without institutions to which doctors belong to”, he said.

He noted that on account of this observation and as someone who has lived through Ghana’s the 54 years of Ghana’s Independence, “I am appealing to the doctors in my personal capacity on the basics of good governance, the ethics and morality of the medical profession, to resume work   without preconditions and allow the authorities on both sides to sort out the matter in the interest of Ghana since the strike action was doing tremendous damage to the profession and the image of Ghana”

Source: GNA

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