Apollo 11 on the increase in Upper East

There is upsurge of   Haemalistic  Conjunctivitis infection,  commonly referred to as “Apollo 11,”  in the Upper East Region.

The condition , which is an infection of the eye, causes irritation in and outside the eye thereby bringing discomfort to infected persons. It also causes redness of the eye and sensitivity to light.

Mr Moro Sanda Issahaku, an Ophthalmic nurse at the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency, said the outbreak of Apollo 11 started about two months ago with the hospital recording between 40 and 55 cases daily.

Mr Issahaku said the condition, which is caused by viruses, could lead to serious cornea ulcerations which have the potential to develop into blindness if not treated.

He said treatment given to patients  with acute haemalistic conjunctivitis helps to reduce eye related complications but does not necessarily cure the disease.

The disease is spread through contact with an infected person, he said,  explaining infected persons could spread it through sneezing  without covering their mouths, robbing their hands with their eyes and  touching or shaking the hands of others without washing them.

He advised victims to observe personal hygiene by washing their hands constantly with soap.

To avoid the spread of the disease in schools and workplaces he advised people who have the condition to stay away and ensure a proper treatment of the condition.

Source: GNA

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