Airtel Money services launched

Airtel telecommunications on Wednesday announced a change from Zap to Airtel Money, an advanced form of mobile banking that would provide immediate access to banking services through mobile phones.

“This innovative mobile service would help customers to overcome many challenges the public go through when transacting business in their daily lives,” Mr Luck Ochieng, Sales Director of the Company, said in Accra.

Mr Ochieng said the introduction of the  Airtel Money services to media practitioners was to enable them have first hand information on m-commerce service for various transactions.

He explained that “Airtel as a company has a track record that is unrivalled in mobile telecommunications for delivering relevant and innovative mobile solutions to help customers overcome their daily challenges”.

Mr Ochieng said the compnay’s objective was to make communications, banking, payments, retail, and infortainment affordable and accessible to all in Africa, especially in Ghana through Air Money.

He said teh company had enhanced public safety by initiating a ‘cashless society’ where one could make direct purchases with e-money instead of the actual exchange of cash from one source to another.

Mr. Emmanuel Kola, Head of Airtel Money, said the services was in partnership with Ecobank, Standard Chartered Bank and Zenith Bank and assured customers their money would be safe through that facility.

He explained that after registration, a customer could access the service with their pin numbers with which they could access their bank accounts.

Other functions include, transfer of money from a customer’s phone to bank accounts or any other bank accounts and transfer of money from a customer’s account to the phone or any mobile network.

Source: GNA

  1. Anonymous says

    I think that’s a nice idea to figure out. Am in support of the Airtel Mobile Money.

  2. Anonymous says

    Are Airtel going to be coming to Mobile Money Global in Dubai next week?

  3. Sanjay says

    how to use airtel money. which place i get airtel money sim card

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