Ghana Export Promotion Authority to scale-up marketing management training for exporters

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority said it would scale up marketing management training programmes for exporters to enhance capacity and ensure they meet required standards in the global market.

Mr Samuel Brew, Head of the Ghana Export School told the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of a training programme for award winning exporters that the focus of the capacity building would be to ensure effective management and supervision, promoting attitudinal change and management or control of operational costs within the various organizations.

He said these were essential to ensure that exporters adhered to standards that met customers’ expectations and needs and to meet orders in timely manner.

“In fact, in the export market place good management, adherence to standards and meeting customers’ specifications as well as timely delivery of orders are key to success,” Mr Brew said at the weekend.

Mr Brew said the Authority was adopting the enterprise development approach under which officers would work with selected enterprises closely to nurture them and ensure they grow to become big players in the international market.

He said 20 local consultants, who have undertaken training in business analysis and export marketing management, would be assigned to work with the identified export firms to study and identify challenges being faced and to offer solutions at specific enterprise levels.

Mr Brew said the enterprise programme would be effectively monitored to enhance success and to enable other exporters to be carried along through the lessons of their peers.

“We are going to do this side by side our product development and marketing training programmes for exporters and to create awareness about standards,” he said.

It is the first time that the Export Marketing Management Training Programme has been organized for award winning exporters who excelled during the 2010 awards.

Source: GNA

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