Revenue Protection Information Bureau alleges underhand dealings in ECG

The Revenue Protection Information Bureau (RPIB), a centre for information gathering on revenue leakages, is calling for investigations into alleged underhand dealings at the Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG).

A statement issued by Mr Alex Offei Agyeman, Administrative Manager of RPIB in Accra on Friday claimed that the illegal acts are depriving the corporate entity of more than 40 per cent of its revenue due the nation.

“The irregular deals are taking place although ECG had over the years put in place mechanisms to enhance efficiency in the power delivery sector.

“Information from our research findings indicates that the revenue loss is through the illegal activities of some members of the public with the aid of some personnel of ECG,” the statement said.

It said as a Bureau, one its objectives is to ensure that the public and the ECG would not be short changed by such unscrupulous persons.

“The RPIB is therefore teaming up with the public to support the Management of ECG to check the activities that undermine the revenue generation of the company.

“We (RPIB) are therefore calling on the public to join the fight against activities hindering the efficient delivery of electricity into our homes and workplaces.

“It is a well known fact that some members of the public connive with a section of the Staff of ECG to involve in activities that leads to huge revenue losses, which would have otherwise accrue to the company to enable the Management to replace obsolete equipment and also be in the position to offer efficient service delivery.”

The statement said the ECG over the years have lost revenue through illegal connection, stealing of transformer oil, cables, meters and transformer fuses and  bye-passing electricity meters.

“We wish to reiterate our call to the public to wake up and be on the look- out for these economic saboteurs. Members of the public should not be afraid to report the activities of such people to the authorities.

“It is also about time the government set up a special court to deal with those who pilfer utility facilities. Too often, the public have found it necessary to complain about the inefficiencies of ECG, without the company considering their suggestions to help reverse the unfortunate situation,” the statement said.

The Bureau is teaming up with the public and civil society groups to support the authorities to check acts that undermine revenue generated for the state.

Source: GNA

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