Bawku residents say ban on using motor bike making life unbearable

Residents of Bawku are protesting against a ban on motor bike riding by males on grounds that its usage had become a curse to human life instead of blessing in the area.

Though the residents admitted that the ban had helped in maintaining law and order, they said its effect had now become unbearable, especially in the health and education sectors.

They explained that the motor bike is the commonest means of transport that the average man could use in Bawku for his daily activities and that it was a violation of their constitutional right.

These came up when the Ghana News Agency sampled views on the issue among residents recently to evaluate the impact of the ban on the social and economic lives of the people.

Mr. David Adoilba Assemblyman for the Gengande Electoral Area noted that people in Bawku depended on the use of motor  bike for their health needs such as transporting patients to health facilities when the need arise.

Again, he said, health providers were not able to provide adequate health service to clients because they could not get to the door steps of their clients as majority of health workers in Bawku are male.

Mr. Adoliba said lives were being lost as people could not reach the health facilities for medical attention.

Mr. Dominic Dasoberi, Senior Tutor for Bawku Technical Institute (BTI) expressed worry over the issue and said the ban had also affected most of the youth because the use of the motor to carry people was a major employment activity in the area.

According to him, because they had lost their job, it had let to springing up of minor crimes such as smuggling, and stealing.

Madam Fati Musah, Assembly member appointed noted that the ban had led to mass migration of the youth to the southern part of the country to look for better jobs.

Mr. David James Abangos express concern on the issue as the Municipality was losing its revenue through the ban and that government should reconsider the decision.

Source: GNA

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