Committee suggests addition of iodine to sachet water

The reconstituted Upper West Regional Iodated Salt Committee has suggested to sachet water producers to consider adding iodine to their products to promote its consumption.

It expressed disappointment that iodated salt consumption in the region stood as low as 15 per cent while 40 per cent of salt consumed at the household level was not iodated.

At its maiden meeting in Wa the members therefore called for the product to be added to sachet water to help increase consumption.

The members also suggested that vehicles that transport salt to the region must first converge at the Regional Coordinating Council for sampling and testing as well as vetting of documents before they move out to the districts.

“Drivers of the vehicles transporting salt must obtain documents from the Food and Drugs Board in Accra and tender them to officials of the Board in the region for vetting and approval before they are allowed to move out to their destinations”, the members suggested.

The members said some businessmen and women had turned the region into dumping grounds for un-iodated salt and called for a stop to the practice.

The members called for a more multi-sector approach to address the problem since it has significant impact on the health and development of the people in the region.

The 15-member committee is ensuring that all salt entering the region is iodated and to enforce the law on iodated salt.

Source: GNA

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