Assemblies urged to encourage growth of small-scale industries

A six-member delegation from the Worcester City Council, United Kingdom, is in the country to help the Adentan Municipal Assembly to undertake the drawing of a Master Plan to realise its developmental goals.

The members of the delegation stressed the need for the Assembly to formulate policies and plans to encourage the setting up of small-scale industries and other local indigenous ventures to ensure that the Municipality plays its expected role of social assistance and effective local government practice.

Mr Marc Bayliss, Counsellor and Head of the Worcester team, in an address at a meeting with members of the Adentan Municipal Assembly on Tuesday, said the arrangement formed part of its Sister-City Partnership and noted that empowering small-scale industries was vital to the socio-economic development of the Assembly.

The week-long meeting is to discuss and present a Worcester Master Planning experience with members of the Assembly, heads of departments, chiefs, the business community and the way forward for the Assembly.

Mr Bayliss commended the Assembly for being forward looking in its approach to supporting and establishing small scale business in the Municipality and urged members to cooperate and ensure that strategic plans were undertaken to make them succeed.

They are also to discuss training on business goals and marketing, small business financing, setting up of a community Assembly newspaper and its content strategy, urban design analysis, trading in the UK and resources and capabilities of participants.

Mr Bayliss said that the visit was to enable members of the City Council to familiarize themselves with the Adenta Municipal Council, and to seek for mutual avenues of assistance in the development of the various communities.

Madam Kakra Van Lare, the Adentan Municipal Chief Executive, said the partnership with the Worcester City Council was on tract and urged all stakeholders to offer their maximum cooperation for the mutual benefit of all.

She stressed the importance of formulating proper lay-out and planning policies and said the Assembly was determined to put in measures that would ensure that the various departments played their expected functions.

Madam Van Lare stressed the need for the cooperation and support of not only the Assembly members, but also opinion and religious leaders, as well as people in the various communities to ensure peaceful co-existence for the rapid development of the Municipality.

Mr Peter John, Editor of the Worcester Daily newspaper, who discussed the improvement of the production of the Adentan News, said members of the editorial and planning committee should ensure that the paper highlighted a proper designing of local products, and to focus on topical issues that had impact on the life of the people.

He urged the Planning Committee to consider the production of a sustainable monthly paid-for local paper that would create a unique selling point that could face competition and challenges by considering the content and its marketing goals.

Mr Peter John suggested issues such as advertising, the educational sector, the churches, housing and estate developers, health institutions and facilities and the hospitality industry with emphasis on the hotels, guest houses restaurants and the popular ‘chop bars” as well as human interest stories that the paper should focus on.

Source: GNA

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