Refugees become farm labourers

Due to the lack of food supply, some refugees in the Ampain Camp have become farm labourers in order to earn their living.

Mr Kelly Forson, the Ampain Refugee Camp Manager, said the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and other UN donor agencies have for the past three weeks not supplied the expected rations and this had created a dire situation in the camp.

He said even though they have received some food supplies from the World Food Programme, it is woefully inadequate to cater for over 5,000 refugees at the camp and as a result of that some refugees assist farmers in the Ampain community in order to get some food and money to fend for themselves.

He expressed his gratitude to the Lower Pra Rural Bank Ladies Association, ADRA, Action Aid and other philanthropists for coming to their aid with candies, biscuits and other items.

Mr Forson said water supply at the camp is not a problem since they have 11 boreholes and there was a regular supply of sachet water to the refugees on regular basis.

He called on the general public, philanthropists and corporate bodies to assist the camp and help ensure regular food supply to the refugees.

Source: GNA

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