Official says single spine will not make workers worse off

Mr George Smith-Graham, the Chief Executive of the fair Wages and Salary Commission, has said 45 institutions had been migrated, constituting 78% of the workforce.

He said the Judicial Service would get on board this September.

Mr Smith-Graham said this during a conference by the Public Services Workers’ Union (PSWU) of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Bolgatanga.

He said the major and most challenging group the Commission was working with was the health sector and that 90 per cent of work had been completed.

He said the government had the commitment to implement and sustain the SSSS in spite of all the difficulties it came with and called on workers to be committed to high level of productivity.

Mr Smith-Graham said the delay in carrying out the work was not intentional as other components had to been dealt with, especially the diverse professionals in each sector.

Source: GNA

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