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Appoint traders to local assemblies, group advocates

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Madam Juliana Brown-Afari, National Coordinator of the StreetNet, Ghana, has advocated the appointment of traders as members of local assemblies to enrich discussions and decisions on financial and economic issues.

She said traders as an economic force across the country, apart from contributing significantly towards general economic growth, had practical and rich experiences that could be tapped towards improving the financial positions of their local areas.

She said because they had been relegated to the background many decisions taken at the assembly level did not also reflect their13 needs and aspirations.

Madam Brown-Afari was speaking at a workshop, organized to improve the marketing skills of traders.

The two-day workshop was organized by StreetNet Alliance Ghana with support from StreetNet International and the Institute of Local Government Studies and the Renaissance of West African Women Association.

Areas covered included Basic Accounting, HIV/AIDs Awareness Issues, and Lobbying Techniques.

Madam Brown-Afari advised traders to cultivate the culture of savings towards their future wellbeing.

She said if they did that with determination they would be able to invest their earnings in viable ventures and that would place them in the position to give their children good education.

Madam Brown-Afari told the 26 representatives of market and street traders from the Greater Accra and Western Regions that they should respect the laws of the land and adopt dialogue as a peaceful means to resolve conflicts.

Source: GNA

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