Jaman North District steps up efforts to curb HIV/AIDS

Hajia Amina Amidu, the Jaman North District Chief Executive, has said the Assembly would partner non-governmental organisations and others to bring down HIV and AIDS cases.

She said this in her Session Address at the second ordinary meeting of the Assembly at Sampa, the district capital.

Hajia Amidu said the Assembly had repaired a broken down vehicle of the Information Services Department to intensify the campaign against the spread of the pandemic.

She said a major challenge facing the efforts in combating the pandemic was discrimination and stigmatization against people living with the HIV.

Another challenge is the low patronage of testing and counselling services.

Hajia Amadu commended the Catholic Relief Services and partners for organizing care and support groups with the assistance of the district health directorate to focus on people living with HIV and AIDS.

She urged the people to avail themselves of the opportunities provided by partners including Hope for Future Generation and Mission of Hope for Society Foundation that are propagating evidence-based results in community capacity enhancement programmes to help curb the spread of the pandemic.

Mr Nti Atiwari, Presiding Member, appealed for the Assembly to assist in the training and re-training of nurses and other health personnel to serve in the district.

Source: GNA

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