Group calls for public support to fight corruption

Members of Forum for Public Accountability, (FOPA) a pressure group, on Wednesday called on the media and the public to support its struggle to fight against corruption and raise standards of public office.

They contended that proceedings at the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament annually proved beyond doubt that corruption by public officials had no rival with the increasing number becoming a hindrance to meeting national aspirations.

“Even more threatening than corruption itself is the high level of public apathy and indifference generated by officials of the ruling government most of whom were busily fattening on the foliage of State life,” it stated.

Mr Daniel Marfo Ofori-Atta, National Convener of FOPA, delivered their statement at a media conference in Accra.

He said FOPA was a public spirited group with the main task of ensuring that public officials entrusted with public resources did not use their influence and the influence accruing from their office for personal gain.

Mr Ofori-Atta said in addition, FOPA would enforce public accountability and make the issue of corruption politically expensive for government officials adding, “We consider every citizen of this country whose aim coincides with ours as a member of FOPA.”

He said in a country where the average citizens could not provide a square meal a day for their families, issues of corruption and abuse of public resources should be of paramount interest to all and sundry.

Mr Ofori-Atta said public interest and vigilance that would inspire concrete institutional sanctions against corrupt government officials as the best guarantee that would make them accountable to the citizenry.

He stated: “FOPA asserts that political leadership from the President to Ministers of State has the greatest responsibility to hold public office in a way that will provide inspiration to the ideals of probity, transparency and accountability.

“This is a necessary condition required to provide guidance and standard of exemplary leadership to anyone entrusted with public responsibility.”

Source: GNA

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