CPP congress in danger as party faces imminent injunction

The extra-Ordinary National Delegates Congress of Convention People’s Party (CPP) slated for September 9-10, 2011 in Accra is in danger as the party faces imminent court injunction to restrain the National Executives from conducting the congress.

Information available to Ghana News Agency in Accra on Monday indicates that some leading personalities and pressures groups close to the camp of an aspiring flag bearer have declared their intention to take legal action against the organisers of the event.

When Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the CPP headquarters, it observed anxious National Executive members making frantic efforts to persuade the aggrieved persons and groups to stop the action, which they considered as an embarrassment to the party.

The party initially fixed April 29-30 for the congress but it was postponed to May 27-29 and later rescheduled for June ending, mainly due to operational hiccups and organisational challenges.

Since June the date of the congress has been postponed averagely, on monthly basis, until the Central Committee last Tuesday, August 30, finally confirmed September 9-10 as the definitive dates for congress.

The uncertainty surrounding the date for the congress has created anxious moments among CPP aspirants and a large section of the rank and file of the party as the regular postponement and change of venue from Takoradi to Accra had made it difficult for serious campaigning.

An eminent member of the Central Committee of the party, who claimed anonymity, in an interview with GNA, said that apart from the treat of court injunction, the party was also constrained by financial difficulties as party barons and godfathers have failed to roll in the needed funds for congress.

“…most of them are mainly interested in controlling the party machinery rather than ensuring that we organise to elect the capable candidate for national leadership position,” the eminent member of the Central Committee said.

He explained that the party needed enough funds to pay for the congress venue, logistics, accommodation and feeding for the about 2,300 delegates, transportation and other contingency services.

The eminent member of the Central Committee said unfortunately, leading political figures within the party, especially those with presidential ambitions are rather using their resources to project themselves across the length and breadth of the country, whiles the party famish to death.

He said in spite of these obstacles, the Central Committee was committed to upholding the party’s principles adding “we would prevent our electoral processes to be corrupt, which might produce a leader, who may lack the legitimacy, respect or moral authority to lead our nation.”

Meanwhile an invitation letter signed by Wing Commander Pat N. Sogbodjor (rtd), CPP member, to delegates, made available to the GNA, states “You are respectfully invited to the next National Delegates Congress of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), in accordance with Articles 53(d) and (g); and 54(a) to elect National Officers under the Party’s Constitution on the 9th and 10th of September 2011.”

The positions expected to be contested for are; National Chairman, three National Vice-Chairmen, General Secretary, National Treasurer, National Organiser, National Women’s Organiser and National Youth Organiser.

Source: GNA

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