Ghana High Commission in Malaysia cautions Ghanaians against drug trafficking

Ghana High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Friday cautioned Ghanaians travelling to Malaysia and countries in South East Asia that the fight against trafficking of narcotics is taken very serious.

The Mission said in a statement that it was not in a position to plead for any mitigation of sentences for drug related offences.

“Ghanaians are therefore being advised to beware of the operations of drug barons operating within the West Africa sub-region who use innocent and unsuspecting people as couriers for the drug trade,” it said.

“Travelers to Malaysia, Thailand and other South East Asian countries are advised to ensure the safety the sanctity of their luggage for their own safety.”

The statement, copied to Ghana news Agency, followed media publications of the arrest of a Ghanaian in Malaysia for drug trafficking.

“The Mission wishes to confirm that the Ghanaian, Steve Opoku from Jamasi in the Ashanti Region, was indeed arrested by the Malaysian authorities at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport for attempting to smuggle 1700g of Methamphetamine (an illicit narcotic drug) into that country in April.”

The statement said even though Opoku is now on trial and has not yet been convicted, “it is worth noting that under Malaysia’s dangerous Drug Act, anyone caught trafficking narcotics into the country faces the mandatory death sentence if convicted.”

The statement said there is a Ghanaian who was convicted of drug trafficking in Malaysia in 2003 and is on death row, 14 years after his arrest and conviction.

Source: GNA

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  1. HH says

    Ghana should have these laws as well in Ghana to stop Barons, traffickers who are destroying our youth with danger narcotics addiction which will rouine families forever. Like Malaysian laws, Arabs laws and if Ghana have that criminals will not be roaming our cities, towns and villages. sooner the better.

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